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Gas Fermentation and Systems and Synthetic Biology


Positions available for Bachelor, Masters, and PhD students at ERA Chair in Gas Fermentation Technologies, Institute of Technology, University of Tartu

Come and join the recently established ERA Chair in Gas Fermentation Technologies, led by Group Leader Dr. Kaspar Valgepea, where you can learn, practise, and excel in key technologies of fermentation and systems and synthetic biology. The aim of our work is to address global challenges of biosustainability through integration of gas fermentation technologies with systems and synthetic biology. We collaborate with LanzaTech, the biotechnology industry leader in gas fermentation, to facilitate the transfer of our research into practice!

Gas fermentation has become an attractive bioprocess for the sustainable production of fuels and chemicals from inexpensive and abundant waste feedstocks (e.g. industrial waste gases, biomass-derived syngas) using acetogen bacteria. We aim to accelerate the understanding and engineering of acetogen metabolism by establishing a state-of-the-art gas fermentation facilityand further advancing the cutting-edge systems biology platform (Valgepea et al. 2017, Cell SystemsValgepea et al.  2017, Metabolic EngineeringValgepea et al. 2018, Biotechnology for Biofuels) recently established by Group Leader Dr. Kaspar Valgepea. This will guide rational metabolic engineering of superior cell factories through synthetic biology (e.g. bioplastics from waste; Lemgruber, Valgepea et al. 2019, Metabolic Engineering).



Dr. Kaspar Valgepea @

Group Leader of ERA Chair in Gas Fermentation Technologies

Institute of Technology

University of Tartu, Estonia

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